KISS & Chiropractic this Valentines Day


KEEP IT SIMPLE SIMPLE. People want to be healthy. People want to live to their fullest potential. People want to feel good, have more energy, sleep better, and accomplish everything on their to do list. What is the ONE THING that can give you all of this? The simple answer to KEEP IT SIMPLE SIMPLE this month is a healthy well functioning body. “Where do you get one of those?” you might ask.  Simply by taking the best care of the one that you have!

The first key to a healthy and well functioning body is: MOVEMENT. That’s right! Give your body movement and your body’s ability to heal, fight stress and infection skyrockets! Movement can be achieved by sticking to a regular cardio or fitness program; however your workout routine, even deep breathing yoga cannot give your body the type of movement that it needs most to function at its highest potential.

BloodPressureand CHIRO

That movement is called SEGMENTAL MOVEMENT.  Every joint in your body; shoulders, hips, wrists, elbows sends and receives information to the brain through the spinal cord through movement!  Your spine consists of 31 segments (moving parts) that need this communication to keep your body running like a Ferrari. If this motion is interrupted by too much tension from muscles, connective tissue or fixations between these segments,  your body may be running like a golf cart.


How do you know if your body is functioning like a golf cart or a Ferrari? Taking your own car in for an oil change or tune up is something you do on a periodic basis to keep your engine running smoothly. Why not use the same mindset when it comes to something far more important to your quality of life, your body?

Chiropractic is a powerful modality that removes fixations between your spinal segments and breaks up tension and adhesion in your tissue to restore motion and optimal health in your body. Keep your spine healthy and it will keep you healthy!  Valentines Day is coming up. When you share a KISS with the one you love, remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE SIMPLE and get to your Chiropractor for a tune up!



A Healthy Lifestyle Involves the Nervous System and the Immune System: Find out why and how to get in on the movement!

The health of your lymphatic system plays a huge role in your body’s ability to fight and defend itself against diseases, the common cold or even seasonal allergies. When the lymphatic system has blockages your body will manifest an array of signs and symptoms depending on the location and severity of the blockage. Some people will be irritated more by pollen, dust, or cat dander. Some people may develop digestive discomfort or asymptomatic digestive dysfunction that can lead to more serious health problems as time goes on. A more serious lymphatic problem, lymphedema is affecting more people every year.


Your lymphatic system is responsible for protein, immune cells and carrying away old cells, products of metabolism, basically the garbage from your every changing dynamic body. Your body is designed to heal itself and is truly an amazing masterpiece! A blockage can happen when a particular muscle associated with a given lymphatic region loses tone and becomes congested with lymph. Just as the heart pumps the blood throughout the body, the muscles work like pumps for the lymphatic flow in the body. A muscle that is tied down by unhealthy fascial adhesions or other surrounding muscles can also lose its ability to pump lymph effectively.


In the 1930’w Frank Chapman, a doctor of osteopathic medicine, mapped out a system of reflexes that have come to be known as Neurolymphatic Reflexes. These points located mostly between the ribs will release lymph from a specifically related organ and muscle that share the same circuits in the nervous system. For example the NL for the liver and the pectoralis sternal muscles is located between ribs 5 and 6 near the sternum on the right. When active and ready to release lymph, the NL’s will be very tender!


Applied Kinesiology incorporated these reflexes into its system of treatment and AK doctors find and fix these problems with the lymphatic system every day! They also improve the function of your body through treating the nervous system. Just last month a medical journal published a study showing the anatomical connection between the lymphatic system and the immune system. The health or dysfunction of one system can directly affect the health or dysfunction of the other!


The brain communicates to the body through your nervous system, a connection of superhighways where intelligent conversations go on about the brain telling the body what to do and the body telling the brain what is going on. A muscle test can tell us how this conversation is going in a given area of the body by measuring tone. By the way doesn’t it make sense that 100% communication in the nervous system would mean 100% health in your body and 60% communication would mean less than 100% health?


Let’s go back to loss of tone. What does that mean? Tone in a muscle comes from the brain’s communication with the muscle and visa-versa. The brain is the master organ in the body and without it the body is lifeless. What can cause a loss of tone?


Subluxation! Subluxation can occur in the spine, pelvis, skull, other joints of the body, in a lack of blood flow, lymphatic flow, cerebral spinal fluid flow or acupuncture meridian connection. Chiropractic works because adjustments remove subluxations from the body, restoring communication between the brain and the body! Through muscles testing we see this in a return of tone in your muscles. Where there is normal tone, there is also lymphatic flow!

lymphatic flow

Being healthy and having a healthy nervous system and immune system are all related and part of a Chiropractic Lifestyle! What are you waiting for? Get in on the movement by creating your own Chiropractic story today!

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The breath of life and CSF: The Fluid that Feeds the Nervous System

We take over 20-thousand breaths in a given 24-hrs! That is a lot of oxygen, and we essentially cannot live without it! Oxygen in and Carbon dioxide out all day, every day!  We all keep it going, most of us without a second thought. We are trained in elementary school how to assist someone who has stopped breathing with CPR, giving them a fighting chance to breath on their own again.

breathing Did you know that your simple act of breathing everyday affects even more than the chemical reactions taking place in your lungs? Yes, you are supplying your blood with O2, the final electron acceptor in the generation of Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP), which is energy. You are also generating the circulation of something just as vital to the health of your nervous system as air, and that my friend is Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF)!


Your lungs fill up with oxygen as your diaphragm, arguably the greatest moving part for core stabilization within the body, pulls the air in like a syringe. With synchronous movement this activates the movement of the ribcage, the cranial bones (skull), the pelvis, spinal column and two other completely separate diaphragms that work like pumps to move CSF! This is a great functional example of why movement within the body translates to life! Without all these moving parts CSF flow can become inhibited, leading to degeneration, dysfunction, pathological changes and pre-mature death.


So what is CSF anyway? Why does your body need this fluid from the center of the brain, where it is created by villi in the subarachnoid space, to the extent of every highway (nerve) in the nervous system? This fluid delivers nutrition, carries away waste, and creates pressure gradients to protect your delicate brain and spinal cord. Even mild dehydration from alcohol can decrease the levels of this fluid causing the connective tissue around your skull, dura mater, to tighten up giving you a headache! Your CSF can affect you because without it your brain, essentially you, could not function!


We all want 100% function in our bodies! Who wants to live life at 50%, 60% or even 70% of our capacity? You could have a fault in one of your joints in this system that is decreasing your ability to function! This is where Chiropractic adjustments and Applied Kinesiology come in to save the day and restore optimal function to your body, so you can do all those things you love to do at your highest potential, even if you are just converting O2 to CO2!

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Down the river from the stomach is the ICV: Illiocecal valve “The Great Mimicker of Many Conditions”

In the previous blog we covered a problem that can occur with the stomach. We mentioned that what is occurring in the stomach can have a great effect on the rest of the digestive tract. Most disease processes begin with problems in the gut. This is no surprise when we remember that 80% of the body’s immune defenses are are located there! There are significant reason why we want to make sure there is 100% function in our digestive system.


The pH of each area is regulated by the nervous system. The stomach is designed to be very acidic and “down the river,” pH varies according to function all the way to the exit in the bowel where the contents should be very alkaline. This regulating function is one reason why drinking alkaline water cannot change the overall pH of the body because each individual section of the gut is highly regulated.

However, changes in alkalinity and acidity of the stomach can have a tremendous effect on the closing and opening of two sphincters in the gut. The esophageal sphincter and the sphincter portion of the Illeocecal valve, Valves and sphincters are important in the gut because they keep chemical reactions contained! You would not want to eat the contents of your garbage disposal nor would you keep your compost in the refrigerator with your food.


According to research by Castell et al, “Instillation of HCL into the stomach resulted in a decrease in lower esophogeal sphincter pressure and simultaneous increase in illeocecal sphincter pressure, whereas gastric alkalinization and pentagastrin injection resulted in marked decreases in the in illeocecal sphincter pressure and increased lower esophageal sphincter pressure.” There is a rhyme and reason to digestive function and keeping the gastrointestinal system healthy is a great concern!

When the stomach becomes too alkaline the illeocecal valve will become stuck open! This is one reason why in cadaver or barium studies this valve is deemed rudimentary, however during surgery this valve has been found to be very functional!

So what happens when your illeocecal valve is stuck open? At the location we see the already digested food that should be on its way to the toilet back-washing into the area of the gut where absorption is taking place! Talk about a toxic conundrum! The absorption of toxins can cause all kinds of havoc in the body.

sinus problems

Extreme low back pain, fluid retention that exacerbates a compromised disc in the spinal column, problems with other glands of excretion such as the sinuses, recurrent bladder and kidney infection, congestion in the lungs, and poor complexion are just a few! You may even have some body odor or bad breath that would not normally be present without this problem!


Applied Kinesiology Doctors are trained to find this problem and correct any other contributing functional problems such as a subluxation,  meridian imbalance, lymphatic, vascular, dietary or emotional issues that may be causing recurrence.

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Could your Chest Pain and Heart Burn be as simple as your stomach out of place? Sliding Hiatal Hernia

“Heart burn” and pain referred into the chest wall are often treated with antacids over the counter or even by more serious proton pump inhibitors from a physician. Could these treatments be eliminating symptoms short term without correcting the underlying problem?


What is causing your chest to burn in pain shortly after you have just had the best meal of your life? Why does the food you love suddenly disagree with you?

Many times, I have found, along with other doctors who use Applied Kinesiology that these terrible symptoms have nothing to do with the type of food at all, and can be eliminated by correcting a structural fault. This fault is known as a Sliding Hiatal Hernia, where the stomach  in a weakened state, has migrated above the diaphragm creating two stomachs. This scenario is not functional for breathing correctly, acid production regulation or digestion. In many cases the stomach acid actually becomes too low and undigested food will cause a back wash of acid leading to “heartburn.”  If left alone for many years this can lead to esophageal cancers like Barrets Esophagus.

What can make your stomach weaken? Hypochlorhydria, a condition of decreased production of  hydrochloric acid produced by the stomach is just one cause!

hiatal hernia

Your stomach needs to be acidic! The acid in your stomach is for your protection! A high acid stomach prevents the overgrowth of bacteria in the stomach and also has the ability to kill any other foreign invaders hiding in your food! You want that line of protection to be in full force. A high acid stomach is a healthy and functioning stomach that knows how to break down food so that you can absorb them further down in your digestive tract. Low acid production can lead to nutritional deficiencies, especially for protein when consuming harder to digest meats such as pork and beef.

A sliding hiatal hernia can cause problems further down the digestive track, such as an illeocecal valve that is stuck open or stuck closed. I will be writing about this structural fault in my next blog.

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The Adrenal Glands: Is your Body’s Check Engine Light Red?

The adrenal glands are important glands in the body. They sit on top of the kidneys like snow caps on mountains. These glands are very important in the production of several types of hormones in the body involving the inflammatory response, blood sugar, water balance, blood pressure, and sex hormones; totaling over 50 individual hormones.

When the body is under high stress, damage to this gland is one of the first signs to show up and last to go away during healing. The adrenals are our stress assessor! If you have a stress problem you will have an adrenal problem. Regulating all factors that affect healing of these glands is essential in our high stress world today!


A sign of adrenal stress can be dizziness (vertigo) upon standing, but in the absence of this your body can still be failing to regulate your blood pressure in response to gravity appropriately. A physician should check your blood pressure in three positions to be sure.

Another sign of adrenal stress is failure of your pupil to stay constricted in response to light shined directly in the eye. This is usually secondary to sodium depletion in the body due to an over production of stress hormones such as norepinephrine, epinephrine and cortisol by the adrenals. This response known as a paradoxical pupillary reaction should also be checked by a physician.

Also in hypoadrenia, the heart will be challenged and may produce an exaggerated second sound, which is normally 1/3 that of the first heart sound, due to high blood pressure causing back pressure that results in a slamming shut instead of a soft close of the pulmonary valve. A physician should include listening for this heart sound in their physical exam.


If you have any of the following symptoms think adrenal fatigue or imbalance: hypoglycemic headaches, tinnitus, blurred vision, paresthesia, depression, craving salt or sweets, weak ligaments, female facial hair, swelling in the extremities, choking sensation when swallowing food, asthma and allergy symptoms.

Do not let dysfunction in this important gland pull the wool over your eyes in regards to your health. Many labels exist for a myriad of conditions that can be solved by just addressing adrenal imbalance and fatigue. Our body was created with warning lights. Find the cause, get it fixed and leave it alone. Our bodies were meant for health, not disease!

What To Do About The Flu and Other Viruses

Immunity is what we count on to ward off foreign organisms from taking hold and wreaking havoc in our body. Life-long immunity develops over time; as we are exposed naturally our body develops warrior like defenses to keep us from getting sick.

Flu shots by-pass this natural process, putting foreign viruses beyond our bodies natural intelligence mechanisms. This creates a systemic immune response that does not last. An example of long-lasting immunity can be found in the natural history of chicken pocks. The best way to never get chicken pocks as an adult is to get it as a child. This educates the developing immunity for long-lasting protection from the virus.

If the body becomes weakened due to poor diet, an over abundance of processed foods, high mental emotional stress, a lack of exercise, or subluxation complexes that inhibit the normal communication with the brain and the body through the nervous system, a person who is exposed to the chicken pocks virus may develop shingles, a more serious and painful manifestation of the virus. Our immunity is directly tied to the health of our bodies, not the absence or presence of a vaccine.

In his book Quantum Healing, Dr. Deepak Chopra, MD, cites a study where the influenza virus was isolated and implanted directly onto the mucous membranes of subjects, and only 12% of them got the flu! Flu shots put virus directly into the bloodstream, this is not how we are designed to respond to foreign invaders. This is why many people can actually get the flu directly after the shot or develop it later, when they otherwise would not have manifested the virus!

During the 1976 swine-flu scare more than 500 people developed Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) after receiving the swine flu (H1N1) vaccine, and an additional 300 reports were made citing injury from the vaccine. This is something we should take into consideration with what is happening now with Ebola.

According to the Department of Justice, the flu vaccine is the most dangerous vaccine in the U.S. based on settled cases for vaccine injuries! A weak body is more susceptible to harboring a virus than one with strong defenses. Lets stop thinking of ourselves as victims of scary germs and become proactive by strengthening bodies!

Did you know that 80% of your immune defense resides in your gastrointestinal tract? This makes what you put down the hatch a super big deal when you are around reservoirs of virus. Grains, dairy, sugar, caffeine, alcohol are all acidic, pro-inflammatory in nature, deplete the body of nutrients and dampen the immune system. Hydration is not only important for energy, because over 75% of our bodies are water, but also aids in eliminating toxins! Drinking at least half of your body weight in oz. per day is essential!

Including 2-3 cups of organic fruits and vegetables per meal is the best way to get the nutrients your body needs to function and fight at its best. Also, remember to include healthy fats and protein. Zinc which is key to immune function, is a mineral that is needed in over 100 different cellular processes. Vitamin C, you may have heard of it, also strengthens the immunity. Add this one to your regimen as well! Make sure you are getting quality supplements from a physician and not off the shelves of your local corner store. This may be the difference between getting nutrition from “an entire egg versus an egg-shell!” Also, during the fall and winter seasons we get progressively less sun exposure and therefore less vitamin D which is nature’s immune booster. Studies have shown there is a link between low vitamin D levels and colds, the flu and respiratory infections. If you do not go uncovered to the beach weekly, supplement with vitamin D!

Chiropractic adjustments restore optimal function to the nervous system, which controls all other body systems. Even if you have no pain in your back or neck you may still have a subluxation that needs to be corrected. When your brain can talk with your body in high-definition (subluxation free) instead of through white noise (subluxation) disease is resisted! Keeping your body in great shape structurally and athletically is necessary to resist infection.

If you do get the flu vaccine, please do not depend on it alone to keep you from getting the flu. Only certain strains of the flu virus are manufactured and you could still get the flu if you come into contact with another strain of the virus. Be pro-active and strengthen your body first!